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Lookah Unicorn

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The Lookah Unicorn is a magical rig that’s portable and heats itself. This sexy design, hailing from the family of Lookah electric dab rigs, the Unicorn is known for quality craftsmanship and vaporizing concentrates into top-notch, flavorful experiences.

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Vaporizing Gold

Concentrates are like tiny pots of gold at the end of the rainbow. That means you need to vaporize them at the perfect temperature, using quality coils to ensure the tastiest and smoothest hits. Combined with a sizable water reservoir, the Lookah Unicorn has combined quartz coils and borosilicate glass in its design to deliver you pull after pull of a highly magical experience.

Product Features: 

1) All-in-one, replaceable coil offers more options to use 

2) Large glass bubbler provides better flavor and taste

3) Adjustable temperature to meet different demands

4) Magnetic glass top for more convenient to use

5) Battery: 1900MaH

6) Charging: 800MA

7) Input Voltage: 5V

Portable Dab Rigs

Any dab rig can be portable, but rigs with heating elements that are electric make on-the-go sessions even easier. While quartz nails and torches are the original accessories for dabbing concentrates, portable rigs, like the Lookah Unicorn electric dab rig, combine the highest quality quartz coils with streamlined design and functionality. This makes the highest quality dab conveniently portable.

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