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Purple Hookah

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The hookah reigns supreme in the world of water pipes. This purple hookah brings you the intricate details of a true hookah experience. You’ll love the curves of classic hoses and watch as the water bubbles beneath detailed decorative accents. Smoking from a hookah is a must for all smokers who want to embrace the truest smoke experience.


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The OG Smoke

While this may be a cute hookah for modern smokers, the hookah we know today dates back to the 16th century. Much like a bong, hookahs filter the smoke through water, cooling it nicely. This makes for a much smoother, calmer sesh. Whether you smoke shisha or cannabis from your hookah, you’re certain to create a one-of-a-kind experience.

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This purple hookah is a decorative piece that makes for a total smoke experience. While smoking from a hookah pipe is fun, you will likely want a traditional water pipe in your collection, too. We have a huge selection of bongs ranging from mini bongs to beaker bongs. We even have cute bongs to go along with your cute hookah. Before you know it, you’ll have a collection of water pipes to choose from.


About Smoke King

Smoke King is all about getting you the products you need to create the smoke experience you desire. We keep our online smoke shop stocked with a huge variety of pipes, bongs, rigs, vapes, and accessories so you can craft the sesh as you desire.

Keeping Things Clean

Whether you choose this purple hookah or another water pipe, you’re going to want to know how to keep it clean. The Smoke King blog has the articles you need to keep your piece in tip-top shape so you can get years of enjoyment from each piece.