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Herbva Viva- Airistech

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Embrace the rhythm of the great outdoors with the Airistech Viva Dry Herb Vaporizer. It's like a hiking trail for your senses, with adjustable temperature settings from cool to blazing. The smart LED display guides your journey, showing battery life and heating stage, just like navigating a trail map. With its 2200mAh battery, you can hike on without missing a beat. Plus, it's got a memory function, like marking your favorite scenic spots along the trail. The Airistech Viva is your ticket to a memorable natural adventure. Grab one and let the natural vibes flow!

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Device Specifications:

Adjustable Temperature by degree (300 degrees to 435 degrees F)

Smart screen LED Display shows the battery level, oven temperature, and baking stage (“Heat” indicates it is reaching your desired temperature, “Warm” indicates it’s ready)

Large Capacity 2200 MAh battery

Memory function – the vaporizer will remember your favorite baking temperature for later use. Factory default is 350 degrees F

Will reach desired temperature within just 60 seconds 5 click on/off switch

Cleaning Brush, Stirring Tool, carrying bag

Heating chamber holds up to .5g of dried herbs