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The VOOPOO ARGUS PRO 80W is an enticing vaping device that combines innovation and user-friendly functionality. With its Double Ignition Mode offering both button-activated and auto-draw options, users can enjoy a personalized vaping experience. The Smart Mode intelligently adjusts wattage based on the installed coil, simplifying the process for optimal performance. Advanced users will appreciate the RBA Mode, allowing for precise customization. Paired with the versatility of the PnP pod system, the ARGUS PRO 80W promises a vaping journey that's both intuitive and tailored to individual preferences, making it a must-have for vapers seeking a blend of innovation and versatility.

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Integrated 3000mAh Battery

Wattage Output Range: 5-80W

Smart Mode

RBA Mode

Double Ignition Mode

OLED Display Screen

Dual Slotted Sliding Airflow Adjustment

4.5mL Argus Pod

Magnetic Pod Connection

Lanyard Attachment Point


1. Unboxing:

-Carefully unbox the VOOPOO ARGUS PRO 80W, ensuring all components are present, including the device, PnP pod, PnP-VM6 0.15Ω coil, PnP-VM1 0.3Ω coil, Type-C USB cable, and user manual.

2. Pod Installation:

-Remove the PnP pod from its packaging.

-Insert the pod into the device, ensuring it securely clicks into place.

3. Coil Installation:

-Pull the used coil out from the bottom of the PnP pod.

-Insert a new coil into the bottom of the pod.

-Ensure the coil is securely in place.

4. Filling the Pod:

-Lift the rubber plug on the bottom of the pod.

-Fill the pod with your preferred e-liquid through the fill port.

-Close the rubber plug securely.

5. Turning On/Off:

-Power on the device by pressing the firing button five times rapidly.

-To power off, repeat the five-click sequence.

6. Adjusting Wattage:

-Use the "+" and "-" buttons to adjust wattage according to your preference.

-Confirm the selected wattage on the display.

7. Firing the Device:

-Press and hold the firing button while inhaling through the mouthpiece.

8. Airflow Adjustment:

-Adjust the airflow by rotating the pod to find your preferred draw.

9. Changing Display Theme:

-Access the menu by pressing the firing button three times.

-Navigate to "Theme Setting" and choose your preferred display theme.

10. Charging:

-Connect the Type-C USB cable to the charging port located at the bottom of the device.

-Charge the device until the battery is full.

11. Safety Features:

-Familiarize yourself with safety features, including over-temperature protection and overcharge protection.

-This detailed guide ensures a comprehensive understanding of using the VOOPOO ARGUS PRO 80W, covering pod and coil installation, filling, adjusting settings, and exploring additional features for a personalized vaping experience.