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BLK Elfin

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The BLK Elfin Dry Herb Vaporizer is a testament to the art of vaping. Its compact design belies its remarkable features, offering purity, flavor, and convenience in one elegant package. The device features precise temperature control and convection heating, it ensures an even, aromatic vaporization experience. This discreet vaporizer is easy to use and perfect for those who appreciate both simplicity and performance. Crafted with care and attention to detail, the BLK Elfin embodies the essence of devotion to the vaping ritual, delivering a truly exceptional experience.

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Glass Mouthpiece

Simple and Accurate Capsule Filling System

Aviation Grade Aluminum Body

Dimensions: 88.5 x 50.5 x 22mm

1800mAh Battery

Temperature Levels: 410°F,428°F,446°F,464°F,482°F

Output Voltage: 3.3V - 4.2V

1mL Chamber Capacity

How To Use The BLK Elfin:

1. Begin your journey by unboxing your BLK Elfin dry herb vape. Inside the box, you'll find the BLK Elfin device, a USB charging cable, a cleaning brush, a packing tool, and the user manual. Take a moment to get acquainted with these components.

2. To ensure a smooth first session, make sure your BLK Elfin is fully charged. The LED indicator will show when it's charging. When fully charged, the LED will turn off or change color.

3. Gently unscrew the top cap to reveal the chamber. Using the packing tool, load your finely ground herbs into the chamber. Don't overfill; a moderately packed chamber works best.

4. Turn on your BLK Elfin by pressing the power button three to five times quickly. The LED indicator will light up, and you're ready to roll.

5. The BLK Elfin allows you to customize your vaping experience by adjusting the temperature settings. Use the buttons, usually labeled "+" and "-", to select your desired temperature. Different temperatures can unlock various flavors and effects, so feel free to explore.

6. Wait patiently for your BLK Elfin to reach the selected temperature. The LED indicator will indicate when it's ready. This usually takes around 30 seconds.

7. Now that your BLK Elfin is heated up, take slow, gentle draws from the mouthpiece. Inhale and enjoy the smooth vapor produced by your dry herbs. Relax and savor the experience.

8. To turn off your BLK Elfin, press the power button three to five times again. This ensures the device is safely powered down.

Cleaning and Maintenance

After each session, empty the ashes and clean the chamber to prevent buildup. To maintain high-quality performance, regularly clean the heating chamber and mouthpiece. Use a cleaning brush or cotton swab that's damp with isopropyl alcohol to remove residue.

Charging and Storage

When the battery runs low, recharge the device using the provided USB cable. When storing it, ensure the device is turned off and cleaned to avoid issues or damage.

Remember to always use the dry herb vapes responsibly and refer to the user manual for specific information and troubleshooting tips.