Colección: Mini bongs

Presentamos nuestra línea de Mini Bongs, el complemento perfecto para cualquier colección de fumadores. Estos bongs compactos y portátiles están diseñados pensando en la comodidad, permitiéndote disfrutar de caladas suaves mientras viajas o en la comodidad de tu hogar.

Nuestros Mini Bongs son adecuados para todos, ya seas un fumador experimentado o recién empezando. Pruebe uno hoy y vea por qué se están convirtiendo rápidamente en los favoritos de los fumadores de todo el mundo.

Quick Hits

When you want a smooth hit but you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to settle in for a full smoke sesh, reach for a mini bong. It takes next to no time to load the bowl on these minis and make quick work of your herb. They may not pack as much weed in the bowl, but they pack all the punch of even the coolest bongs we offer.

Why use a mini beaker bong?

No matter what type of bong you’re using, mini bongs use less water and less weed. This makes your mini the perfect smoke accessory for quick hits. They won’t produce as much smoke, so they’re perfect for quick sessions so you can relax, and get back to work in no time.

How should I clean a mini bong?

Cleaning your mini water bong is just as easy as cleaning your regular bong. You will disassemble all of the pieces and use a good bong cleaner. It’s important to keep your bong clean, as build up can lead to clogs in those smaller areas.

Upgrade Your Smoking Style 

If you’re looking to level up on your 420 game, it may be time to move into the 710. Concentrates notoriously pack a heavier punch, but you don’t have to go straight for the dab rig. Get started by adding a little dab of concentrate to the top of your expertly packed bong bowl for a little extra kick. 

When it comes to smoking, the sky isn’t the limit. You can get creative and find the perfect recipe to make the perfect hit, and Smoke King’s online smoke shop has the tools to help you make it happen.