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How To Use A Dab Pen

You just bought your first dab pen, what now? Be the talented vaper you are destined to become with our step-by-step guide on how to use a dab pen. In this post, you’ll get the full lowdown on why getting a pen was your best move yet and how to inhale like a pro.

Dab pens come in all sorts of sizes, some are simple and others are intricately designed. You may know them as wax pens or vape pens but they all serve the same purpose of vaporizing cannabis concentrates. While all dab pens are built differently, most have a mechanism consisting of a heated coil that acts as the vaporizer. Our online smoke shop offers pens that are disposable, as well as rechargeable options.

Before you read up on how to use a dab pen, you should know that most are compatible with pre-filled cartridges. Dab pens are some of the most discreet smoking devices on the market, and changing out concentrate cartridges is practically effortless once you know how to do it. Other pens require you to load the pen with concentrate yourself, but this also takes minimal effort. Some pens have a charging port and others simply use a one-touch button function; either way, dab pens are perfect for people looking for efficiency.

Here’s a walkthrough on how to use your dab pen:

Step One: Charge It If Necessary

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If your pen comes with a charging port, make sure it’s fully charged before you begin. You don’t want a weak battery to waste your perfectly good concentrate. A full battery means smooth, powerful hits. One of the best dab pen tips we can offer is to keep a dedicated cable for your pen, to ensure it lasts you a long while.

Step Two: Load Your Pen

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Some pens can be used with pre-filled cartridges which means you simply need to pop in a new cartridge. First, remove the plug on the new cartridge and screw it tightly into your vape battery.

If your dab pen is not compatible with cartridges, you will need to load the concentrate yourself. Take a small amount of concentrate and touch it directly on the heating coil. Remember, a little goes a long way. Learning how to use your dab pen means you get to try all different types of concentrate to find your favorites. Wax, shatter, oil, and other concentrates are all perfect options for ensuring a nice high.

It’s important to make sure your concentrate is compatible with your pen otherwise you risk damaging it. It’s best to use concentrate from a reputable source. High-quality concentrate is what will give you the most potent and flavorful experience. Using cheaper quality wax may result in pen issues or an overall harsher smoking experience. These dab pen tips come from experiencing both, and it’s not a lesson worth learning the hard way. Your throat will thank you later.

Step Three: Activate It

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Once your pen is loaded, you’re ready to vape. Press and hold the power button to initiate the vaping process. Some pens come with adjustable settings which are worth exploring while you learn how to use your dab pen. Lower temps will give you more flavor, but a higher temperature will give you the powerful clouds you’re capable of.

Now that you know how to load your dab pen, you can experiment with finding the right combination of temperature and concentrate that gets you to cloud nine. Always allow a few seconds while you hold the power button down; you want to get the most out of every hit.

Step Four: Inhale

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While it sounds like the easiest step, this is where you can control your cough and enjoy the full experience of a dab. Take your time with short puffs that fill your lungs, but don’t overwhelm your body. Start slow and enjoy the ride.

One of the most underrated steps in learning how to use your dab pen comes after your final hit. Keeping your dab pen clean and up-to-date is a huge part of ensuring every dabbing experience is worthwhile. A clogged pen is one of life’s great tragedies, along with a dead pen battery.

Don’t be afraid to change out pen parts that aren’t working as efficiently as they should. Smoke King offers tons of vape accessories ready to ship the same day you shop.

Now go forth and dab on!

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