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The Smoke King Guide to the Best 510 Vape Batteries

When you’re shopping for vape batteries you’ll quickly find that the 510 vape battery has become the industry standard. The “510” designation refers to the thread size of the battery, and most vape cartridges are compatible, but discovering which is the best 510 vape battery is going to take a bit of expert knowledge.

Here you’ll learn all you need to know about how to shop for a vape battery that best fits your needs, and what you should look for to ensure your battery withstands the test of time.

Where To Begin

Whether you’re shopping for a new vape battery, a backup vape battery, or a discreet vape battery, there are some basics you should consider in order to find the right battery for your needs.

Battery Life

Before you shop for your battery, consider your smoke style and how often you vape. If you plan to use your vape regularly and don’t want to worry about running out of charge, the best 510 vape battery for you will have a larger battery life.

Temperature Control

Most vape batteries put you in control of your experience. Some models offer a variety of temperature settings for you to choose from, others have a select few. Depending on your desired experience and preferred flavor, you will want to choose a battery that gives you the temperature control you desire. Higher temperatures create larger clouds of vapor and often more intense flavor.

Size Does Matter

510 vape batteries come in a variety of shapes and sizes, even though the threading is the same. While discreet vape batteries tend to be smaller, it truly depends on the vape you’re using it with. If you’re planning to vape while on the go, the best 510 vape battery for you should be small and sleek to fit in your pocket or back when you’re out.

The Cartridge

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Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the size, shape, features, and overall style of your vape battery, but when you’re in the market for a new battery, you’ll want to think about what you’re planning to vape. Choosing the right 510 cartridge battery depends on the cartridge you choose.

First, you’ll need to consider if you’ll be filling your own or buying pre-filled cartridges. Most vape batteries are 510 threaded, but some manufacturers have their own proprietary cartridges and batteries. Make sure you check which threading you need before you buy a new battery.

Your Style

There’s simply no way to select the best 510 vape battery without considering your own unique style…and we don’t just mean looks. Before you decide which battery is right for you, you will want to ask yourself if you want a button-activated battery or a simple draw-battery.

The difference between a button and a draw battery is pretty straight forward. A button-activated battery requires you to push a button to inhale, and a draw-activated battery simply requires you to draw from the cartridge. Don’t worry, there are discreet vape batteries with both options.

Once you know which battery type fits your style, you can start to think about the looks of your battery. You will have the chance to choose between a simple silver pen battery, or a more elaborate vape system that you can customize. With a vast selection of batteries, a solid online smoke shop is sure to have just what you need.


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What makes any 510 vape battery the best one for you is always going to include your budget. You don’t have to break the bank to get a battery that fits your needs and matches your style. There are countless options that fit any smoker’s price range. When comparing options, consider more than just the price. Look into if the retailer has a solid reputation, if they offer free shipping, or if they have easy returns in case the battery you buy doesn’t work.

Let’s Talk Warranty

It’s not common, but even the best 510 vape battery can have its issues. While many smoke shops have fair refund and return policies, oftentimes the manufacturer of the vape battery will offer warranties on their products. You may want to explore the details on the vape battery you choose to determine the manufacturer’s support for their products. Looking for customer reviews of products will also help you determine which battery may be the best option for you.

Tying It All Together

Now let’s tie all of this together so you can build the best 510 vape battery for you. We began with you knowing the basics of vape batteries — how long you want your battery to last, the temperature control options, and the size of your battery — all of these lay the foundation for the vape experience you desire.

From there, your battery choice will also depend on the type of cartridge you intend to use, as well as the draw-functionality you prefer. Of course you will want to consider if you want discreet vape batteries, and how much you want to spend. All of these considerations build the best 510 vape battery for you. Just be sure you shop the best online smoke shops, that way you can rest assured that you are purchasing reputable products from quality manufacturers that support their products.

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